On all purchases over $80 (International & Domestic)

What is your return policy?


Returns and exchanges from the boutique will be fully refunded within 10 days of purchase. After 10 days all sales are final. Please send an email to: boutique@waistbeads.com, informing the boutique if you would like to make a return or exchange. If your waist beads happen to break or snap you may return them for a free repair. Please email the boutique prior to returning to discuss repair. Waist Beads by Sewra only repairs our own waist beads.


Please measure yourself correctly. Orders that need a larger adjustment will be charged for labor and material, as well as an additional shipping charge. For instructions on how to measure yourself, please visit "Measuring Yourself" on the help page at The Waist Beads Boutique.

Adjustments to be made smaller are free of charge. Customer pays $8 for domestic return shipping.
Adjustments to be made larger are subject to a fee depending on size difference and style. Customer pays $8 for domestic return shipping. Please email boutique@waistbeads.com to discuss repair.

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